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The Mandir's Main Hall, Basement and Watumal Hall may be used, subject to the following guidlines.

Suggested Donations for Facility Usage
Main Hall, excluding (upto 4 hours)$300.00
Basement, including (single use only of) Kitchen.$250.00
Only Basement, excluding Kitchen (upto 4 hours)$150.00
Watumal Hall (2nd Floor) upto 4 hours -plus- $50.00 per hour or part thereof thereafter (but not beyond 12:00 midnight).$300.00

Please Note:

  • Additionally, a refundable deposit of $100.00 to cover cleaning of the premises; deposit NOT refundable if facilities require cleaning.
  • Non-vegetarian food, drugs, alcohol, and weapons are forbidden within the facilities at all times.
  • Reserving space well in advance is recommended to ensure availability and to avoid disappointment.
  • Space availability can be confirmed upon receipt of at least 50% of the suggested donation plus a $100.00 deposite towards cleaning of the premises - all balance are appreciated at least one day prior to the booking date.
  • To help with your planning, the following can also be arranged at reasonable rates without delivery charges:
    • Paper goods (Plates, Napkins, Cups,...)
    • Chairs (Dollar each, per day)

For any further information, Please call Mandir office at (718) 899-8863.

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